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Louise is a British Horse Society registered Assistant Instructor, (BHSAI), now known as a Accredited Professional Coach, and came to the United States in 1992, and lives on a 38 acres horse farm.


Whilst living in Scotland Louise went through the British Horse Society's training and examination system to become a well rounded instructor, being able to teach riding, theory and horse care. She also competed in show jumping and dressage successfully.


She brought all this knowledge and experience to the USA and started teaching and helping out at her local pony club, Berks Pony Club. She was the secretary, wrote and published the monthly newsletter, was the show jumping and dressage coach with much success, and eventually the District Commissioner. She was also an examiner for the regional Pony Club.


Whilst doing this Louise had 2 children, opened her own training facility and competed on her own horse - only having time for one horse!


Now Louise has 6 horses and ponies used for lessons, and teaches at her farm, Corner House Farm, and travels to teach and ride other horses as well. 


Louise has been competing over the years on hers and other people horses at the club level in dressage, combined training and some eventing very successfully, being the Year End Champion every year she has competed, with different horses and at different levels.


She has invented an all-in-one halter/ lead rope called the Emergency Halterlead, which fits dogs all the way up to heavy horses and acts like a control halter with a lead rope and is able to fit in your pocket.


She has also written a series of children's books about one of her ponies called Blackie. The series of 4 books is called The Adventures of Blackie The Pony.  Both the books and the Emergency HalterLead can be bought through this website using PayPal.


Louise teaches to British Horse Society standards whether in riding or horse care with safety being the most important subject. She is FIRST APC to teach the BHS Challenge Awards in the USA. She opened the door for others to help spread the BHS standards in the USA.


Over a six year period students of Corner House Farm had competed on a website called  It is an online dressage, jumping and showing competition website. It is 'open to anyone, anywhere' with all standards of riders catered for via video monthly for dressage, showing and 'practical horsemanship' classes.   There is a year long league for individuals as well as Riding Schools, which Corner House Farm has won four years in a row, came second in between and then won again! :) 

Reviews/ Testimonials



I came to Louise after an accident that made me lose all of my confidence. She walked me through each and every step from the time I got there to the time I left. She was understanding, thorough and had a calm demeanor that in turn made me less anxious.  At Corner House Farm, you don't just learn how to ride a horse. You will also learn barn duties, how to properly care for the horses, and everything that goes into being around horses. She pushes you past your comfort zone just enough for you to continue becoming a better rider. Louise's lessons are always tailored specifically towards you and what your needs are and she won't ever have you do something that she knows you can't do. Her horses have a heart of gold and will guide you through your lesson and show you exactly what you are doing wrong. Pirate Pony has taught me just as much as Louise herself. I can't recommend Louise enough, whether you are a beginner or have been riding your whole life.



I am a 50+ adult beginner rider and I recommend Louise and her well trained horses to anyone who wants to learn to ride, care for, and just plain enjoy being around horses. Safely.
After sustaining injuries from a horse accident, I wasn't sure if I could ever feel comfortable around them again. When I contacted Louise, she responded almost immediately. She was down to earth, kind, and approachable, but also very professional and knowledgeable.  Her 30 + years of experience caring for, training, and competing on horses was immediately apparent.
Fortunately for me, Louise's confidence was contagious and I found myself slowly finding my way again. She simply knows her stuff and is able to clearly and patiently communicate what she knows. Louise is excellent at conveying detailed instructions and trouble shooting what I am doing wrong, from  confusing my equine riding buddy, Connor, with my incorrect body position, to struggling to correctly "dress" him in his winter blanket. But most importantly for me, she conveys calm confidence around the horses. This helps both me and Connor to feel comfortable and be able to listen and learn.
Louise also made it a priority to understand my fears and personal learning style. She used this knowledge to slowly ease me back into handling and riding horses and helped me regain my confidence.  I am grateful to once again be able to enjoy these  beautiful and therapeutic  animals at Corner House Farm.
Louise clearly loves her equine family. She treats each horse with respect and affection, but also with firmness and discipline.   This results in happy, well trained and therefore safe horses.
I can't say enough about how much Louise and her equine helpers have allowed me to become a more confident horseman and person. Thanks Louise (and Connor 😊)



After watching Louise care for her horses and being influenced by her training for nearly 20 years, I can honestly say there is nothing else in this area that compares. She maintains a drama free atmosphere where safety of both horse and rider are paramount. Her knowledge far exceeds any other instructor I have ever come in contact with. When my young daughter first showed an interest in riding, we headed straight to Corner House Farm because I knew I wouldn't trust anyone else with one of my own. You receive 100% of her attention during every lesson, and she is always eager to share something new that even she has learned recently in furthering her own education. She is strict, doesn't tolerate cruelty to animals or laziness of humans, and will always push you just enough out of your comfort zone in order to make you grow. She is a woman with which I hold in the utmost respect and a farm that is dedicated to the welfare of her horses and the education of her students.


Both my son and I have been riding with Louise for over three years.  When I began searching for a lesson barn, I had certain standards in mind: safety, availability of lesson horses, and good horse management.  I also wanted to focus on dressage whilst my son was interested in all aspects of riding.  My search was frustrating; most barns never returned my phone calls.  If I got a call back, I learned it was a “show barn”, something that I was not interested in at all.  Louise answered my phone call, invited me to see her program and watch a lesson, and both my son and I started riding again.  While we both have very different needs, Louise can tailor lessons to both of our goals even when we choose to trail ride together.  She is helping me learn to relax and working tirelessly on my position; she is helping my son to be confident and careful and has been very patient with his learning difficulties.  Louise’s lessons are challenging but you are never over-faced.  She understands that fear can be a real issue at times and is willing to work through those issues so you can enjoy riding and being around horses.   The CHF horses are happy, healthy, and very safe and reflect her good care. 




Louise Jordan-Beam was born with a passion for horses.  She is an accomplished horsewoman with decades of experience owning, training horses, and providing riding instruction.  For me it wasn’t just about riding, it was about being in the company of horses – hands on.  Foremost, Louise puts safety first.  From the ground up, I learned step-by-step which built a foundation of understanding horses and skills for riding horses.  She will customize a lesson to meet your goal.  As a middle-aged woman I realized my dream of riding a horse, and through Louise a deeper appreciation for horses.   Meeting Louise and her horses was a godsend.    



I started taking lessons from Louise because my horse has always been a challenge to train and began refusing to move forward, choosing to only buck and rear when ridden. As a result of our lessons over the last six months, not only do we move forward, but we are now able to walk, trot and even canter and jump! I have also taken lessons on her wonderful horses, who like Louise, are highly knowledgable and patient trainers. Louise and her horses have helped me notice and correct mistakes I have been making, which also continues to help correct problems with my own horse. I highly recommend Louise for all levels of riders in all different disciplines or even for a tune up for yourself or your horse. I know I have found that I look forward to my lessons and riding my horse now as a result of Louise. Thank you, Louise !



I recently contacted Louise through the Thumbtack site to obtain riding lessons for my 6 year old step daughter, Ella. Ella has been riding for 2 years but recently saw my father take a bad fall from his horse. She since has been afraid to ride and has lost her confidence. While researching trainers for Ella......I called several, along with their barns,and sent emails as well. I honestly must say that I did not have good results. My calls were not returned nor where my emails answered. Except by Louise. She promptly returned my emails and we had a lesson scheduled in no time. I explained Ella's dilemia with Louise and she felt confident that in time she would be able to help Ella get her confidence back and enjoy riding again. She answered all my questions and is very pleasant. Ella just had her second lesson last Saturday and I can already see improvement. Louise is patient with her, attentive to her fears and her safety......all while listening to her sing the ABC song! Ella gets to ride a darling little pony named Rusty, who she feels comfortable riding. All the horses are well cared for and the barn is clean and tidy. Ella and I look forward to many more lessons with Louise!! Thank you!   



Louise has been giving my 7 year old son, Isaiah, riding lessons for over a year. During that time he has thrived under her tutelage, eager to learn. Louise is not just teaching Isaiah to ride, she is also teaching him to be a horseman.  My 6 year old dressage horse had last winter off so Louise spent a few weeks getting her started back to work in the spring. She continues to ride Nikki once or twice a week which helps me keep the training consistent. Louise's skill as a rider and philosophy as a trainer give me the confidence to know that my horse is in capable and knowledgable hands.  I highly recommend Louise as both instructor and trainer for both new and experienced riders. There are many people who call themselves trainers, but you can trust that Louise has the experience, knowledge and dedication to enable you to reach your goals.



I used to ride before I came to Corner House Farms but never understood what I was learning and why I had to learn  it. I would recommend this place to anybody looking for a place to learn to ride.I enjoy coming here so much that I drive 30 minutes every week just so I can attend my lesson at Corner House Farms.

Ps. Riding on the trails and around the fields is one of my favorite things to do :)



Louise Jordan Beam is a wonderful horse riding instructor. She will teach you on her horses at her property or on your own horse at your place. She is very reasonably priced and extremely knowledgeable. She will help with any problem you are having with your horse no matter what the issue is. She is always available for extra help and advice through email in between the lessons too. I really could not ask for a better or more responsive instructor, I am so lucky that I found her.



I started taking lessons from Louise after I had a bad fall from my horse and had lost my confidence. Louise helped me to quickly gain my confidence, have fun again riding and improve my riding techniques. I learned ALOT and had great fun doing it. I have recommended Louise highly to family and friends. It is hard to find the words to express her great character and teaching ability.



Excellent teaching by Louise!  Well trained horses at every level.  Her horses are a happy family.  The chickens are entertaining too!





is 11.3 hands high (hh) and is a chestnut POA, (Ponies of America breed).  He is ridden in an english saddle and bridle, but can ride in western tack.  He is great at dressage, jumping and cross country jumping.  He teaches young beginner riders and also more advanced child riders.  He is 29 years old. He came to the farm in 2013.



is a 13.1 hh, Liver Chestnut gelding, 16 years old.  He came to the farm in early 2022.  We discovered he was driving pony in his past life and was unsure about being ridden.  After a year of training he is much more comfortable with a rider on his back. 


is a 14.1 hh, Chocolate and white paint gelding.  He is 15 years old.  He came to the farm in 2016 and is a very friendly pony.  He can be ridden by beginner riders and more advanced riders too.


Sam came to the farm in 2017.  He is a Lipizzaner/ Dutch Warmblood gelding, 17 years old, 15 1/2 hands high.  He teaches more advanced students to solidify their riding skills.



Bernie is new to the farm, arriving in November 2021.  He is a 16.1 hands Quarter Horse chestnut gelding, around 20 years old.  He is a great horse for beginner riders and for experienced one too.  He loves trail rides as well as arena work.


He was born in 2010 and came to the farm in the beginning of 2012.  He is a Knabstrupper/ Dutch Warmblood.  The students at Corner House Farm are enjoying watching him grow and all the naughty things he gets up to.  He has started his competition career with Louise with much success.


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